Adoptee Rights Campaign members and leaders on 12/04/2017 in Washington, D.C. together in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

AdopteeRights Campaign

When the United States facilitated our adoptions, we were promised a better life as American citizens. Adopted as children by US citizen parents, an estimated 35,000 intercountry adoptees have grown up American but still lack U.S. citizenship.

In 2000, Congress determined that intercountry adoptees should automatically be granted US citizenship and the Childhood Citizenship Act was passed. When the law went into effect, adoptees who were age eighteen or older were denied the same automatic right.

We call on Congress to uphold the promise to adoptees by fixing the legal loophole and passing the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018 allowing citizenship for all adoptees regardless of when they were born.

You can support us by:

  • Signing our petition to Congress
  • Calling or writing your Congress Members and U.S. Senators in support of the Adoptee Citizenship Act. We have templates ready for your use.
  • Donate now! We need to raise $50,000 this year to support our Days of Action and other initiatives that support adoptees in crisis.

Our Progress

From October 4-5, members of NAKASEC and the Adoptee Rights Campaign (ARC) engaged in activities to encourage support for reintroducing the Adoptee Citizenship Act. Our teams visited 22 Congressional offices in Washington, D.C. over the two days.

Members such as Representative Adam Smith were receptive and interested in working together with ARC to support the passage of the bill.

Kurt Cappelli, father of an adoptee without citizenship and a lead advocate with the Adoptee Rights Campaign, describes the team’s efforts during those two days.

“We took action, united in our cause, to effect change to the laws of our country that were originally intended to protect people and secure for them a better future, just as adopting these children so many years ago promised to do. We have much yet to do to inform and persuade Congress to act in the best interests of adoptees and their families. I am hopeful that I can bring my adopted son home and help the thousands of adoptees deserving of better treatment.”

We thank our fiscal sponsor and partners at NAKASEC for working with us to accomplish this event our individual financial donors, and all those who support our campaign petition. Your contributions are critical to our success and we could not have done it without you!

As we haven’t crossed the finished line yet, your continued support is essential to advancing our resolves for all adoptees without citizenship. If you haven’t already done so, please sign this petition to urge your senator to become a co-sponsor of the Adoptee Citizenship Act or donate to support our next initiatives aimed at our 115th US Congress.



The Adoptee Rights Campaign (ARC) is expanding! Lobbying teams are being formed around the country to meet each Congressperson and Senator in their district offices. We need adult adoptees, adoptive parents, friends, and allies who care about equal rights for all adoptees and who are committed to making a difference.

ARC welcomes those eager to spread awareness and community-level interest striving to secure citizenship for intercountry adoptees.

Browse our Story Collection! Explore the ways adoptees lack citizenship after having been brought to the U.S. and raised to be part of the fabric of American families. Adoptees courageously share their narratives, voicing insight and untold struggles of what it means to live as an adoptee without citizenship. New to the Adoptee Citizenship Act? [Learn more].

Share your own story  (adoptees without citizenship, parent(s) of adoptee(s) without citizenship, etc) Email:   (Please write “Story Collection” in the Subject line) or use our online submission

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