Adoptee Citizenship Act


 The Adoptee Rights Campaign needs YOUR active support for the success of the next campaign (launched 09/06/2016) to help lawmakers understand the need for the Adoptee Citizenship Act (ACA)!  This is an open invitation for adoptees, adoptive parents, and all community members to win citizenship for all adoptees.

Since the 1940’s, an estimated 350,000 children have been internationally adopted by U.S. citizen parents. While children born to U.S. citizen parents are automatically citizens, their adopted children were not afforded the same rights or protection. As a result, thousands of adoptees do not have U.S. citizenship, barring them from government services, financial aid, home loans, and voting privileges, while also placing them at risk for deportation. The ACA will remedies this injustice as all children of American parents should be treated equally.  

Our two ACA Days of Action (April 19 and June 14) combined with individual efforts were a huge success due to those  who participated in the 70+ legislative visits in Washington DC and made calls to their Senators and Representatives.

Be an Advocate:

Continue to make our voices heard and increase Congressional support:

  1. Sign a postcard and encourage your friends, families & colleagues to sign too! Sign electronically here:
    Note: The postcard campaign will be launched on 9/6/2016.
  2. Join us at postcard events happening near you
    Email Please write “Postcard event” and the name of your state in the Subject line.
  3. Call your Senators and Representatives (or write a personalized letter) to express your support for the ACA
  4. Donate to support the ACA work. Donate here:
    (Please write “Adoptee Citizenship” in memo box)
  5. Sign on to our organizational petition in public support of the ACA. Endorse here:
  6. Share your own story (adoptees without citizenship, parent(s) of adoptee(s) without citizenship, etc) Email (Please write “Story Collection” in the Subject line)
  7. Volunteer and/or become an active advocate or state contact
    Email (Please write “ACA Volunteer” in the Subject Title)

Note: Remember to spread the word via social media using the #citizenshipforalladoptees

For more information, find us at or email us at

Past Events in 2016

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