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A “No-brainer.” The Adoptee Citizenship Act will grant citizenship to an estimated 35,000 adoptees who were adopted by US citizen parents as children. Surprisingly, thousands are not considered Americans.

The Adoptee Citizenship Act is a bureaucratic remedy regarding a key dilemma for those born before Feb 27, 1983 who were legally adopted from countries beyond the United States. Current persistent laws marginalize, and fail to uniformly recognize all intercountry adoptees as fellow Americans raised in American families. The bill was drafted by adoptees. Previous actions and initiatives were attempted by those active in the adoption community. Read More

Adoptees courageously began sharing their narratives, voicing insight and untold struggles of what it means to live as an adoptee without citizenship. [Browse our Story Collection]

Days of Action Summary Throughout 2016

December 2016 Day of Action

October 2016 Day of Action

June 2016 Day of Action

Several visits, meetings, and drop-offs to deliver information packets and/or signed postcards were conducted by ARC leaders and delegates to legislators.

Join us and thousands of others across the country by urging members of Congress to support legislation granting citizenship to all intercountry adoptees regardless of their recorded date of birth:

  • Calling your Member of Congress. Tell your Senator and Representatives to champion the issue by actively collaborating with co-sponsors of the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2015 (S2275)  and the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2016  (HR5454) to reintroduce a bill granting citizenship to thousands of adoptees who were legally adopted by US citizen parents. Five minute calls are how you can help. Find your representative(s) by clicking: Call Congress
  • Donate to the Adoptee Rights Campaign to support  future campaigns to achieve citizenship for all intercountry adoptees via Paypal or credit card.

Thank you for your support! Together we can achieve justice for all adoptees!

Share your own story (adoptees without citizenship, parent(s) of adoptee(s) without citizenship, etc) Email (Please write “Story Collection” in the Subject line) or send us your story online.

Note: Remember to spread the word via social media using the #citizenshipforalladoptees

Progress: 2016 Results

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