I was born in Vietnam and was to be brought to the United States with other children through the Operation Babylift during the Vietnam War. Our plane was to refuel and get medical assistance in Guam before its final destination in the US. My parents who are U.S. citizens were stationed there at Anderson Airforce Base in Guam while volunteering for the Red Cross and adopted me in 1975. My father had been an engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Somehow, my adoption paperwork was lost during the naturalization process. My parents thought the process had been completed, as there was no indication of a problem. I have been raised here all my life by a wonderful family who never saw me as their adoptive child but as their own child.

The US is my home and I am an American citizen of the United States, even if a piece of paper says otherwise. I attended college, raised 2 children, and pay my taxes as a citizen. I worked for Fortune 500 companies as a highly successful database engineer and project analyst. Now I am in a precarious state and am concerned about my citizenship and employment status. I am at risk of being deported and losing all that I know to be my life in the United States.

Kristopher’s Story, Washington

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